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Who is Ryko?

I was born and raised in New Hampshire and a single cat of two amazing parents. Ever since I was a kitten, I had always had a feeling that I was destined for something big. But since taking my journey to find my purpose, my life has taken dramatic twists, turns, and has lead to unexpected discoveries. 

Come to find out, my purpose is far larger than I could have ever imagined. And I share all of the details of how I ended up here in my new book.

Lastly, I’m a very friendly, motivated, curious, and love to make connections to find the deeper meaning of life. Most of all, I love to be happy and make others happy, too.

My motto is: Love More. Hiss Less.

What Is The Ryko Book About?

As you probably know, every cat leaves at some point to go on their journey and find their purpose in life. It’s something that we all do.

Some come back the same as they left. Others, well, not so much. I left for my journey and came back not only a new Ryko, but to a very changed internal and external world.

Yes. This is my shocking true story.

I wrote “Ryko” to share my journey and how I came up with Whisker Life. Well, I should say how Whisker Life found me. I also share how my mission to save the world unfolded (and continues to unfold).

My book is filled with mystery. Adventure. Setbacks. Heartbreak. Love. Friendships. And essentially everything all of us cats go through in life. Except mine happened all in a very short period of time. Sometimes all at once.

Who Is This Book For?

Although I am working on several books for kittens, this book is not one of them. This one is for those who are a bit older. Maybe teens and adult cats. 

Why? Because the journey I have been on has not been easy. In my book, I’m real, I’m raw, and I touch some subjects that may not be understood by little kittens. But I promise, most of my future books will. Want to check it out?

Ryko sitting
Ryko Sipping on a drink

What Is Whisker Life?

What we do: We inspire people to fully live their life’s purpose. And to Love More. Hiss Less.

How we do it: By sharing stories, ideas, and inspiration to help you find and navigate down your path.

Who we do it for: Those who seek more love, passion, purpose, and positivity in their lives.

Why we exist: To spread love, happiness, and smiles. To leave tiny paw prints on the hearts of many. To help cats get rescued and adopted. And to be an inspiration to follow your dreams. Oh, and to save the world from an evil corporation.

How to stay connected: Follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram. And be sure to say hello on one of my posts!


The journey I have been on has led me down some dark paths in the woods. But thanks to my mindfulness and wisdom gained through life’s powerful lessons, I emerged a much stronger cat than I ever was.

It is my hope that my book inspires you in many ways to live a happier and more fulfilled life on purpose and with a huge purpose. I know you can. We all can!

Cover of the Ryko book

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