Hi. I'm Ryko.

I’m the Founder of Whisker Life. It’s so nice to meet you!

Who is Ryko?

Since I was a kitten, I had always had a feeling that I was destined for something big. But since my journey to find my purpose, my life has taken dramatic twists, turns, and lead to unexpected discoveries. 

Come to find out, my purpose is far larger than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I documented my entire journey to finding my purpose and Whisker Life in my book, Ryko.

I was born and raised in New Hampshire and I’m a very friendly, motivated, curious, and love to make connections to find the deeper meaning of life.

What Is Whisker Life?

What we do: We inspire people to fully live their life’s purpose. And to Love More. Hiss Less.

How we do it: By sharing stories, ideas, and inspiration to help you find and navigate down your path.

Who we do it for: Those who seek more love, passion, purpose, and positivity in their lives.

Why we exist: To spread love, happiness, and smiles. To leave tiny paw prints on the hearts of many. To help cats get rescued and adopted. And to be an inspiration to follow your dreams. Oh, and to save the world from an evil corporation.

What to know more? Feel free to follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram and stop by and say hello!

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