Entry 48: Being A Scaredy Cat Is Robbing You of Your Dreams

Quote from Ryko, the Founder of Whisker Life

One of the many cats that I met on my journey, that I now call a friend, is a really cool cat. You’ll learn all about him in my book, “Ryko” when it comes out in August.

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about a couple of things my friend said to me.

First, he admitted to me that he knew his path in life. And that is truly exciting. But, on the flip side, he also told me that he is a scaredy cat and has settled into the life he is currently living.

He told me that he knows that he’s taking the easy route because he is afraid of failure.

Here it is, just a few weeks into getting my first adventure Whisker Life started, and I’ve already failed a dozen or two times in just about every area imaginable. 

If I gave up at the first sign of trouble, such as my nightmare issues with my book, then what? Whisker Life would never see the light of day and I would be ignoring my calling. No way.

Tiny little failures and even large failures are all a part of the journey. It’s how we learn. Sometimes there are important lessons to gain, while other times we just make mistakes. Either way, each time we fall down and get back up, we get a little stronger and gain some new knowledge.

My friend is afraid to take even the first step forward. Yes, he knows exactly what he wants to do. He’s so passionate about it. Yet, he does nothing about it.

He also told me that, “Sometimes life has other plans for you.”

But does it really?

Personally, I think we have a lot more control of what happens in our lives than many of us believe. What if my friend changed his thinking to, “I have better plans for my life than my current situation”, and then takes action on those plans?

Whether or not he succeeds or fails, if he just changed his thinking and told himself that he will go after his passion and mission like his life depended on it, don’t you think he’d end up better off than he is today?

I think so. Very strongly. So strongly that I will be writing him a letter after I post this to see if I can ignite the fire under his tail and get him to make at least some forward progress.

Because if not, months and even years will pass and he will still be living his “getting by” life, always wondering “what if”. Or even worse, his entire life could go by without every taking the shot.

What about you?

Is there anything that you felt called to do, or had some idea that you were excited about, but then lost the fire? Why not reignite it and take that one step forward you have been too afraid to take?

What’s the worst that could happen? You fail? So what! You’d dust yourself off and you’d have a new lesson in your pocket that you can reference on your next adventure.

Life is not about “getting by” or being afraid of failing.

Life is about living your life and not getting so worried about what could happen wrong and focusing all of your energy on making things happen right.

Sure, you may stumble. You may even fall. But trust me, it only stings for a minute and you can get back up and keep moving forward.

Never settle for just being comfortable. You deserve a MUCH larger life than that. Reach into your pocket and pull out that list of dreams and goals you’ve been holding onto. Stop waiting for the perfect time to take action because let me tell you, the perfect time will never ever come.

There will always be too much going on in your life. Too many distractions. Too much work. Too many balls up in the air. Your entire life will go by and all you would have accomplished was becoming an expert at juggling distractions.

What if you became an expert at one single thing – – – Taking action on taking steps towards accomplishing your dreams and goals?

You are worth it.

And so is my friend. I’m going to write him a letter now.

More soon.




Ryko is the Founder of Whisker Life. He is working hard to launch both his book, "Ryko" and his company, Whisker Life. Keep your paws crossed. This has already been quite a journey.

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