Entry 49: Staying The Path

Ryko staying the path

Distractions. So many distractions. Starting a new adventure is tough enough, but the distractions are something that can throw you off track quickly, if you’re not careful.

In the spirit of being transparent (which you’ll soon see in my “Ryko” book that I’m very transparent), today I wanted to share what’s happening right now. . .

  • My epic battle trying to get my book designed and formatted has been a huge distraction. I lost 2-3 weeks. I then made a decision last night, acted on that decision, and won the battle this morning. One dragon slain. (Wipes sword.)
  • My to-do list grows 10 times faster than I can scratch completed things off of it. Launching a new book at the same time as your adventure (company, as some might say) is not for the faint of heart. Especially when you are launching your book as a physical book, Kindle book, and an audiobook all at the same time. Whew.
  • The new ideas for Whisker Life come to me non-stop, often at times when I’m working on something very important. I go to quickly jot the idea down in my journal, only to find an hour has passed and several pages have been written. Focus Ryko. Focus.
  • Learning 15 new software programs that essentially make up a huge spaghetti bowl of wires that makes everything work on the new Whisker Life website has been, well, interesting to say the least. I’m learning as fast as I can and YouTube “how to” videos have become my new friend. Speaking which, Whisker Life is now live on YouTube with my first video. It’s nothing special, but it’s a start.
  • I’m constantly battling battles. This largest one is with myself as I’m pretty much living outside of my comfort zone daily. I’m constantly overcoming fears I didn’t know I had and squashing the self-doubt that keeps creeping in. It’s not easy, but keeping my goals and reasons why I’m working so hard in front of me helps a LOT.
  • Reading dozens and dozens of blog posts and books about starting a business, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and many other related subjects have lead me down multiple rabbit holes. This path is filled with countless side trails that lead to who knows where. Staying focused is the name of the game.

I could spend the next few hours adding items to this list. But you get the point. There’s a lot going on. And I have a feeling that your life isn’t any different. So many moving parts, so many distractions, so much to do, so much needs your attention, right?

It’s a wonder how anyone gets anything done with the amount of distractions we have today.

How To Stay The Path On Your Journey.

We are all headed somewhere. Where depends upon our chosen path.

Yes. We do have a choice.

For some, the chosen path may be well defined as they know in their heart and soul what they are meant to do with their life.

Others may still be trying to figure everything out and bouncing from one path to the next, trying to figure out which one they belong on.

Others say, “forget everyone else’s path” and set out into the forest to carve their own.

Yet, there are others who know their path, but are too afraid to take action, like I talked about yesterday with my friend.

Where someone is on their journey matters little if they are constantly distracted from putting one paw in front of the other to move forward. If one is not careful, days, weeks, months, or years could pass without one step forward. That certainly is not living the Whisker Life.

Here’s what I personally found that helps me clear the distractions to ensure that I keep taking steps forward down my own path each and every single day:

1. “Stay The Path” Reminders

I wrote down “Stay The Path” on sticky notes and put them in many places where I see them multiple times a day. In fact, as I write this, there is one sticking off the top of my laptop right now.

2. Write. Daily. No. Matter. What.

The best habit you could start is writing in a journal every single night and morning. You could start by taking just 5 minutes before you go to bed and get out any of the thoughts you have running though your mind. This will help you fall asleep faster and you’ll sleep better. 

Try it. It’s true. 

Write down what your purpose, goals, or dreams are. These can be short or detailed.

Next, in the morning, to build the habit, take just 5 minutes to start. This is one that you really should focus on building up to journaling for a longer amount of time. Write down your purpose, goals, or dreams. Next, write about whatever comes to mind. Anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your day or how much you’re enjoying your coffee. 

They key is just to get in the habit and before you know it, words will begin to flow.

The main purpose of writing daily is to remind yourself, twice a day, what you’re working towards. We have to remind ourselves of our purpose, our main focus, our dreams and goals daily. If we do not put ourselves first, who will?

Yes, this sounds like an easy idea. But you would be surprised how few actually take the time to do this. Let me ask you, if your dreams and goals are not worth 5-10 minutes a day writing about, you need to dream bigger. You need something to light that fire within you.

3. Learn New Things Daily. And Never Stop.

Lessons are all around us. From books to videos to audio to learning from others. If we are not growing, we are falling backwards. And if we are falling backwards, our dreams move further away from us.

If you have found your purpose, your heart and soul will have a never-ending hunger for any and all information that can assist you on your journey. You don’t even think about it. You just learn, absorb as much as you can, and apply it.

If you are still seeking your purpose, it’s even more important to expose yourself to new things. You just never know what you will find or who you will run into. Trust me. All it takes is meeting one single cat to forever alter the direction of your life and lead you directly to your purpose. And that could happen as soon as today. 

You never know.

4. Keep Your Chin Up – The Best You Can.

Life sometimes has a way of beating us up or taking us down in order for us to truly learn a valuable insight or lesson. Believe me, I’ve learned so many things the hard way on my journey that lead me to Whisker Life.

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes journeys can be very tough at times. You may want to give up. And there may be a time or two where you do actually give up. I know I did, as you’ll soon read about in my book, “Ryko”. 

But a funny thing happens when you reach that pretty horrible place where you just give up. It’s not long after before something happens and changes everything around on a dime. There are always lessons hidden in those experiences. Pay attention to them. They happen for a larger purpose than you realize when you are in the thick of it.

Do your best to keep your chin up and head held high. I know (far too well) that at times it is nearly impossible to do, but you have to learn how to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and jump back onto the trail and keep moving forward.

Your dreams are worth it. Your goals are worth it. Your purpose is worth it. And yes, you are worth it. Remember that. Always.

When it feels the world is against you and you have no one around to help you, that is the time you need to look inward. There you will find your #1 fan. The one who will always be there for you, no matter how hard or dark it gets. A little self-love goes a long way. Be gentile.

5. When You See A Spark, Fan That Fire

Starting a fire with sticks is a lot of work. It takes time, muscle, and you need to keep on keeping on because if you stop, the sticks will cool quickly.

Pay attention to the work you are doing. Think of everything you are working on as rubbing two sticks together. Eventually you’ll see smoke and not long after, a burning ember. Immediately get that ember in some dry grass and fan that fire.

When you are working towards your dream, it’s going to feel like not much is happening in the beginning. Look at me for example. As of this writing, I have about 30 followers on Facebook, I think 8 on Instagram, and one or two on YouTube. I’m just a few away from the millions I hope to touch with Whisker Life. Well, maybe a couple few X 300,000.

But those first few people who liked my page, that was the spark I was looking for. Now I’m starting to fan my fire.

When I look back, it has taken a ton of work to get to the point where I’m just getting started. I was rubbing my sticks together, but nothing was happening. But I knew if I kept going, eventually some smoke and a spark would appear.

The same will happen to you, too. We just never know how long it will take. But honestly, if you know your purpose and have your goals set, the time it takes won’t matter because you will be living your purpose. It’s only a matter of time before the world catches up to what you have imagined in your mind.

6. Play. Don’t Forget To Play

Sure, us cats take a lot of naps. There are lessons there. But right now I want to focus on playing. Play with your friends. Chase your tail. Go out and explore. You need to take time for yourself even during the crazy busy times. Self-love goes a long way and taking some breaks recharges you and is often where your big ideas will come from.

I’ve taken it a step further and set recurring days and times in my calendar where I unplug from technology and work. 

That’s my playtime. 

It may be as simple as batting a ball around for a quick game of catball. It may be getting some catnip and going crazy for awhile to get my energy out. Or I may take time to catnap or go for a very long walk in the woods. Sometimes it’s all of those things.

Remember, if YOU are not scheduling time for YOU, then no one else is going to do it for you. It’s something that you need to do and make a big priority. Make it THE priority.

Because after all, you and your life is your #1 priority, isn’t it?

If we don’t take great care of ourselves, we can’t show up 100% for those around us.

Oh. And baths. Lots of baths. Personally, I use my tongue, but I’m sure a bathtub or shower would work, too. Those are just not my thing.

More soon.





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