Entry 52: The RYKO Book Saga

Ryko sitting down.I’m either being tested, or the evil corporation that I hope to save the world from is onto me. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had one heck of a time getting my book designed. What I went through there was not for the faint of heart.

I faced issues with:

– Going back and fourth dozens of times with the book cover.
– At least a half a dozen issues with the Kindle version.
– At least a half a dozen issues with the Kindle version.
– And more, as you are about to read about.

Thankfully, we moved on and found someone who was able to help with my simple book cover and I thought that my “RYKO” book project was behind me. Finally I could focus all of my attention on Whisker Life and get ready to open our doors on August 3rd.

I uploaded the book files, ordered preview copies of my book, and couldn’t believe what I saw when they arrived a few days later. UPHISS left the package outside my door when it was raining. The outside of the books were all water stained and some of the books were covered in some oily substance.

But I didn’t care. They were preview copies and all I cared about was making sure they looked good on the inside and the printing came out correctly.

And it did.

Well, so I thought. . .

I had assumed that the first company I used for the book formatting finally got the files right after going back and fourth 38,387 times. So I used what they had sent me after pulling all of my hair and whiskers out from frustration.

Then this morning, I woke up to this email from Amazon:

Image of the email from Amazon KDP

So now I need to get someone to completely re-do the inside of my book so we have a print version. Come to find out the first company I hired completely messed up everything from A to Z and I lost well over a month time and even my sanity multiple times.

Come to find out the editor that I hired to go through my book, which was at all associated with the company the I hired for cover and page formatting, did not do her job. At all.

By this point, all I can do is smile and laugh. What an adventure self-publishing has been. I am grateful for the experience. And it gets better. . .

I also received an email from one of my friends this morning whom I sent a preview copy of my book to. Come to find out, there are a couple dozen errors in the book that the editor did not catch, fix, or read. Obviously, neither did I. Come to find out, I am not the best editor of my own writing.

Thankfully my friend is making a list of all the changes that I need to make, which I will do so ASAP.

And then I need to hire someone new to re-do the formatting for the print version and the Kindle version of my book. Also ASAP.

I’ve learned a LOT of lessons self-publishing my first book. Although it is easy to get frustrated or mad at this whole process, I am choosing to view them as dozens of lessons that I had to learn the hard way. And even though I could swing the other way, as any cat could, I choose to smile and be happy.

And I swear, I have not hissed even once during this entire process.

After all, I have many other books that I would like to write. That I’m going to write. And you can bet that I will not be making the same mistakes again. I can promise you that.

Oh, I will spare you with what happened to my audiobook. But thankfully, I recovered there quickly and found someone who did a great job reading my book.

In fact, you can listen to the Introduction of my book, “RYKO” here:

Now the more I think about all has been going wrong with my book, the more I believe something very fishy is going on here.

There have been too many things go wrong every single step of the way.

I believe someone is behind all of this.

This someone does not want my book to be published.

This someone does not want Whisker Life to launch.

This someone is talked about in my book, “RYKO”.

And this someone is the owner of the evil Corporation that I want to save the world from.

I have no idea how I got on their radar so quickly. And yes, I hate to point paws already because I really don’t know if “they” are even behind all of this for sure. At this very moment I do not have any proof. Yet.

But I will keep pushing forward. My goals and my mission for Whisker Life are larger than any obstacle that appears in front of me.

And at this very moment, I do not know if I will have my book ready to go live on August 3rd for sure. A few tiny miracles need to happen this week to make things happen quickly.

I’m nervous. But I’m keeping my chin held high.

Please keep your paws crossed for me.


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Ryko is the Founder of Whisker Life. He is working hard to launch both his book, "Ryko" and his company, Whisker Life. Keep your paws crossed. This has already been quite a journey.

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