Entry 55: RYKO Book Is Live. Sort Of.

Cover of the Ryko bookWhat a busy Saturday morning!

Roughly two months ago I set the launch date of my book for today, August 3rd. I figured it would be easy and I would have plenty of time to play and catnap in between working on getting Whisker Life and my book ready for launch.

Wow, was I mistaken. If you read any of my blog posts on my site, you know that my journey to publishing my first book was filled with countless obstacles. So many it was laughable at times. Each and every part of the process went wrong, multiple times, and continued all the way up to midnight last night.

In fact, it was just last week that I also had to re-do the entire book, which took about 16 hours. It was a crazy cat hair rush to get the new content for Kindle, print, and a new book cover to Amazon before a timer ran out. Or else I would be delayed another three days.

My original plan from day one was to give away the Kindle version and audiobook for free and discount the print version as low as possible for the month of August. That was the least I could do for all of you for following me on my journey.

But come to find out, even if it is your own book, you do not have such abilities across all the places that sell books and audiobooks.

Let’s just say that I have learned dozens and dozens of lessons on self-publishing. I am grateful for the experience because it will make publishing my future books much easier. I now know exactly what to do and how long things take.

With all of this said, here is where my book, RYKO stands today:

1. RYKO is available (Kindle and print) on Amazon right now. You can see it here.

Please do not buy it because tomorrow (Sunday August 4th) I will have the ability to give away the Kindle version for free. Amazon only allows me to do so for 5 days. So the great news is that I can still give you my book for free, I am just one day late.

2. I am unable to discount the print version to the cost of printing as I had planned. This makes me sad, but I am hopeful that everyone will understand that I do not have control of that side here.

3. My audiobook should have been available at over 30 online stores today. I’m only seeing it at one or two. Not sure why it’s not on Amazon or iTunes yet. I was told it could be another 1-2 weeks.

If you have Google Play, the audiobook can be found here.

Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to make my audiobook free on these sites. So what I plan on doing over the next few weeks is upload one entry at a time to YouTube. It is a lot of work, but I want to do that for you. I’ll update everyone when that project is completed.

I’m very sorry that we are delayed one day and that my original plan to give everything away for free for the whole month did not work out as planned. But on the flip side, I am so grateful that I am able to give you my book for free tomorrow. So please watch Facebook for the post and special link.

If anything, I hope my mini journey here teaches you lessons, as it did for me. If you have a dream, you have to go for it. If you run into obstacles blocking your path, you have to find ways over or around them. If you fall, you have to get back up. Keep your goals and dreams in front of you to remind yourself why you are working so hard.

And most importantly, never ever give up. Always keep pushing forward.

I love all of you and thank you so much for understanding.


P.S… I must admit, seeing my book on Amazon today is a wonderful feeling. I feel proud. And it sure does make the stings over the past couple of months melt away! Please watch for my post tomorrow. Thank you again for understanding.




Ryko is the Founder of Whisker Life. He is working hard to launch both his book, "Ryko" and his company, Whisker Life. Keep your paws crossed. This has already been quite a journey.

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