Entry 47: The “RYKO” Book

Ryko from Whisker Life and Book

As I sit here on the rock by the majestic oak tree, I’m feeling my first bits of frustration trying to get Whisker Life up and running.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been reading countless books, blogs, posts, articles, white papers, you name it when it comes to starting a business.

I’ve been following several new companies and watching what they do and what they post about on their blogs.

Everything is great. Amazing. Flawless. Effortless. Easy. At least it seems that way to an outsider looking (or reading) in sometimes.

You know, I could sit here and say everything is purrrfect getting Whisker Life up and running. I could tell you how simple everything is.

Or, I could just not say anything at all and just jump right into marketing, like I see many others do.

However, I’m going to choose a different path.

Once you read my book, “RYKO” (If it ever makes it off of my computer) you’ll have a clear understanding as to why I’m choosing this path.

So without further ado. . .

Whisker Life Presents... The (Stuck) Launch of the “RYKO” Book.

It’s been a rough few days, I worked hard and designed the cover for my book, “RYKO”. I thought that would save time and keep things simple when I hired a company to help me put everything together.

Um. No. It somehow complicated everything. Literally everything.

Let’s start with the book cover. I sent the cover that I designed 3 times in 3 different emails over the course of a couple of weeks. Lost emails, missed communication, who knows.

So then this happened. . .

RYKO book

Now as crazy as this sounds. I received the same cover on the right side both this morning, as well as a week ago. Last week I replied to the email and made sure they had the files. Nope. They needed them again. So I sent them again. I figured there was no way anyone could mess this up.

This morning, I receive an email with the new book cover enclosed. I was excited to open it. What did I find inside? The cover that you see on the right side. Again.

Oh yes. But it gets better. I was also sent the inside of the book to review. Mistakes that were corrected in previous previews were back – plus there were new mistakes I had found.

And not just a few, I’m talking the ENTIRE book, every paragraph needs to be reformatted.

I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks now with the company i hired to format my book for print and Kindle.

I spent a couple of hours last night creating a page filled with text, images, examples, you name it to clearly get my point across with how I want my book to look and the edits needed.

And even after sending that page over, I still received the above. And yes, I also included the cover on that page.

Whisker Life - My Paws Are Crossed.

Ryko from Whisker Life sitting downAs you can imagine, what I had thought would be a small, quick, and fun project to get my book out to launch Whisker Life to the world. . . has caused delays.

When will Whisker Life officially launch? I don’t know.

When will my “RYKO” book finally become available? I don’t know.

All I know is that I’m not going to give up.

I’m going to keep pushing forward.

I’m going to keep my head held high because I believe in my purpose. I believe in my mission. And I believe that you will get something out of my book.

Even if it’s just a smile or two, that would make all of this more than worth it.

More soon.

Founder, Whisker Life

UPDATE to this absolute nightmare. . .

Two days following wiring the above, I received a new cover. I held my breath, opened the email, and proceeded to pull out each and every single whisker I have on my face one by one.

I’ve sent the cover 4 times. The one you see posted above on the top left. I created a page with crystal clear instructions. I am at my whisker end. There is nothing… nothing else I can do to be any more clear that I want my book cover to be exactly like what I created.

Here is the latest version they just sent me. What do I do? This is beyond ridiculous. 

  1. Wrong font.
  2. Missing Whisker Life logo
  3. Graphic added to background
  4. Dark yellow part not aligned like the version I provided

New edit: I JUST FIRED THIS COMPANY. I need a book formatter (Kindle and Print) and book designer who knows how to follow directions that have been written for a kitten to follow.




Ryko is the Founder of Whisker Life. He is working hard to launch both his book, "Ryko" and his company, Whisker Life. Keep your paws crossed. This has already been quite a journey.

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